Visit of Sever Minerals led by GM

ADV Process Co., Ltd. is a technology company dedicated to grinding technology and engineering realization, committed to providing integrated solutions for various grinding applications. The company adheres to a customer-oriented approach and the business principle of focusing on both domestic and overseas markets. Since its establishment, it has continued to deeply develop the international market.

Recently, through continuous technical exchanges and increasing mutual trust with the customer, a technical team of 5 people led by Andrei Liamkin, General Manager of Sever Minerals in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been invited to conduct further in-depth inspections on our company's reference plants and supply chain system. Sever Minerals is a large engineering company based on the mining industry in Russia, who has a large number of customers and rich engineering experience in the fields of crushing, sorting, and grinding the ore industry.

During the inspection period, both parties had sufficient communication on the further development in ore industry and the extension service in the whole industrial chain. Both parties have exchanged views as well on the differences in the markets of the two countries to make better understanding regarding to the sales activities and cultural thinking. After this inspection, both parties are full of expectations for integrating their respective strengths and jointly effort to explore the market in the future.

                                The customer is visiting reference plant, as well as the high-quality sand separation system.

                                                                                    The customer has a detailed looking into the vertical mill structure.